Warranty Policy

Zivonics Warranty Policy aims to provide Customers the clarity about support related queries that they may have about our products so that they feel confident in owning, using and getting required support for their Zivonics products in the warranty period.
Important Note: Customer must open a trouble ticket/case with Zivonics to get support service on any product in warranty or out-of-warranty. The customer can visit support.Zivonics.com for availing the service.
Repair or replacement will be carried out through the Company’s Service Centres or its Authorised Service Centres.
The Warranty is applicable if said product is in warranty period AND only if the following conditions are met:

  • This warranty applies only to Products purchased within the territory of India (“Territory”).
  • This warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only.
  • The product is a genuine Zivonics Product that has supporting invoice/bill which the customer has to share with Zivonics at the time of the request.
  • The product is used according to instructions given in the instruction manual and is not physically damaged / burnt / with connectors or cables damaged, etc. Such a product will not be covered under warranty but can be evaluated for paid repairs/replacements. The product should be physically taken to our service center.
  • If NO repair attempt is made by the non-authorised person before bringing the product to Zivonics.
  • Defects are NOT caused by improper use, as determined by the company personnel.
  • NO modification or alteration of any nature is made in the circuitry, software or body of the product.
  • Defects due to cause beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of God or while in transit to service center or purchaser’s residence.
  • The product will be deemed out of warranty if the customer uses the product with non-standard accessories like adaptors and cables, which are not as per ratings mentioned in the specs of the product or in-case where Zivonics provides the accessories with the product and yet the customer chooses to use other sub-standard or different specifications accessories.
  • All expenses & risks incurred in shipping the unit to the company’s service center/authorized service center will be borne by the customer.
  • Failure to ship the damaged parts / Product back to us may result in you being charged for the replacement part or Product at invoice price or MRP whichever is applicable.
  • In case of transportation/courier related damages arising NOT because of Zivonics, when the product is sent to the Zivonics service center, we would treat it “out of warranty” because of physical damage and will do repairs on a paid basis.
  • Zivonics will pay for return courier charges only but owns no responsibility of any damages/loss during transit.
  • After repairs/replacement, the warranty will remain only for the unexpired period of the warranty. No extension of the warranty period will be done.
  • Zivonics will retain any replaced part/s or component/s.
  • The company’s obligation shall be limited to repair or providing replacement of part/s only with maximum claim/s if entertained by the company, limited to the purchase price.
  • In case the product is not repairable, Zivonics may provide an equivalent product, with a minor difference, or may give a credit note of the invoice value of the Product. Here the customer has to deposit all the accessories of the product. If not, then reasonable charges would be deducted for the same.
  • Technological advances and Product availability status may result in your receiving a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original Product you purchased. Product equivalence will be determined solely by Zivonics.
  • The warranty is issued at New Delhi, and Courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty.
  • DOA (Dead on Arrival – If Product you receive is damaged or defective)
  • Zivonics is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with any of the products that you buy from us.
  • Despite our stringent quality checks, in an unlikely case when the product you ordered from us is damaged or functionally defective or if it’s not as per your order, we request you to immediately raise a complaint with us on support.Zivonics.com or call our Customer care helpline. You need to return the unused product in as-is condition, with its original packaging along with original contents like accessories and Manuals within 24 hrs from the date on which these goods are received.
  • Any Zivonics product that has any defect, at the point of sale or within 07 days of product delivery, will be termed as Dead on Arrival (DOA).
  • Products damaged while being used DO NOT qualify for a refund or replacement but can be taken up in a warranty.
  • Under all circumstances, the decision of whether the Product is DOA or not rests solely with Zivonics.
  • Note: DOA shall NOT be considered under the following conditions
    • * In case the product defect is NOT reproduced/seen at Service Center.
    • * Any issues related to any 3rd party products/services
    • * Any Software related issues that can be remotely fixed like an App update.
  • An invoice copy of the purchase bill will be necessary to claim a DOA case.
  • If the product is found defective after checking by the service center then a new product or equivalent product will be issued against the faulty product.
  • Support for Out of Warranty Products
  • Such products will be repaired only if they are repairable (as decided by Zivonics service center) and repair will be done under chargeable basis (charges for the spares, repairing, servicing cost and it would be informed to the customer before repair).
  • In case the product is not repaired will return the same defective product to the customer.
  • A warranty of max 15days would be given on the product repaired by Zivonics, that too ONLY for the same problem.

NB: Warranty Terms and Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.
The warranty period for different ZIVONICS products are as given below table
Sl.No Product Category Warranty Period

1 Earphones 3 Months
2 Head Phones 12 Months
3 BT Speakers 12 Months
4 Chargers 6 Months
5 Cables & Connectors 6 Months
7 Laptop Stand 12 Months
8 Power Bank 12 Months
9 Car Accessories 6 Months