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Amaze comes with a slim, modern design the Aluminium Laptop Stand which raises your laptop, making it easier. It’s also more convenient to interact with your laptop while never worrying about your device overheating. Ergonomic Design Docking Cooler Provides height clearance for laptops set on tables and promotes proper sitting posture. It Helps prevent neck, back, and arm stiffness by keeping the screen at eye level.

. Users can set a wireless keyboard by its base for versatility and convenience in keeping the hands and arms at the right position to prevent strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Cooling Dock and Accident Preventive Measures and Improves airflow to laptop's heat sink and fan by elevating it to an unobstructed and cooler airflow. Furthermore, it definitely keeps the laptop at a safe distance from liquid or beverage spills.

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Aluminum 5052


4 mm


scaffold design, direct contact with the desktop, no external keyboard, easy operation.


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